Instant Payday Network Review

Instant Payday Network Review 2013

I did a full back office screen share tutorial with proof as a Instant Payday Network review in late March of 2013. I had …

Instant Payday Network Review

In this Instant Payday Network review, I will reveal if it is possible to make money, what one has to do in order to make money, and how much money one can expect to make after joining the program.

What is Instant Payday Network

First, lets define “what is Instant Payday Network” and who’s the creator of it.

instant payday network review

Who created Instant Payday Network

Jeff BuchananInstant Payday Network was created by Jeff Buchanan, an internet marketer who thought to use viral sustainability to make money online. He was 28 years old when he created the system. He’s an active member in his church and lives in Orange County, California.

How Jeff created viral sustainability with his system

To create viral sustainability, one must come up with a product or service and have that product or service marketed by thousands of other people. This creates a viral effect for the product brand. So what Jeff has here is a free marketing system that anyone can sign up for. This system is literally promoted by thousands of people which gives his brand (Jeff Buchanan) a viral effect. In other words, his brand becomes widely known through viral marketing.

What is inside the system

Instant Payday Network is a free marketing system that organizes sign up steps of 2 affiliate cash freebies

  • My Cash Freebies
  • Empower Network

These two affiliate programs are how someone makes step 4 empower networkmoney thru Instant Payday Network. In fact, without these affiliate programs being promoted within Instant Payday Network, there would be no money to be made.

Instant Payday Network is just the marketing system. It comes free to use when you sign up. And it does all the selling and telling for you.

How Do You Make Money with this Free Marketing System

Will someone earn money from Instant Payday Network if they sign up for free to use the marketing system but neglect to sign up for the other 2 affiliate programs? The answer to that question is no, of course not. No money is generated from a sign up into the free marketing system itself.

How Do You Get Paid

To get paid in Instant Payday Network, you must first sign up for at least step #1 of the system, which is Express My Cash Freebies. What you can expect to earn thru this step is $20 per referral. In other words, every time you refer someone to Instant Payday Network and they sign up for step #1 just like you did, you will earn a $20 commission.

What are the qualifications to get paid in Express My Cash Freebies

how do you get paid with express my cash freebiesBefore you will get paid your $20 referral commission, the person you referred must complete a trial offer on the Express My Cash Freebies website and receive 1 full credit to their account. As soon as this takes place, Express My Cash Freebies credits you $20 in your account.

There are many different trial offers to choose from. Some of the most popular trial offers will get you to your 1 credit within a few hours.

  • Gameflywhat are the qualifications to get paid in express my cash freebies
  • Handyman Club
  • Freester – PC Tech Support
  • Freester – Roadside Care
  • Dr Seuss – And His Friends
  • BrainBuys Network
  • Hydroxatone

How do you receive the commissions from Express My Cash Freebies

how do you receive the commissions from express my cash freebiesTo receive your $20 commission into your PayPal or bank account, all you have to do is login to your Express My Cash Freebies control panel, navigate to the Order Status and Summary tab, scroll down and select the option to transfer your commission. 12 hours later, your money is sent directly to you.

There are several options for payment with Express My Cash Freebies.

  1. Company Check
  2. PayPal
  3. Payza
  4. Direct Deposit
  5. Money Order

The most popular way to receive commissions from Express My Cash Freebies is by PayPal. Most people have PayPal accounts and it is a quick and easy way to send and receive money online.

How Much Money Can You Make with Instant Payday Network

how much money can you makeIf you sign up for step #1, step #2, and step #3 of Instant Payday Network, you can expect to earn up to $50 in commissions per referral. That would be $20 with Express My Cash Freebies and $30 with Double My Cash Freebies. You will receive a total of $50 per referral who completes 1 full credit on each of the My Cash Freebies sites. This is a 1 time commission per referral.

Example: If you get 10 referrals who all complete 1 credit on each of the freebie sites, you will earn a 1 time commission of $500 from those referrals combined. If you want to make more, just get more referrals to sign up.

There is also a residual bonus you get when your referrals get signups and their referrals get signups. It pays down 2 tiers. In a nutshell, you get paid 15% of what your direct referrals earn and 10% of what their referrals earn.

Example: If you refer 1 person who completes offers on both sites, you will get a $50 commission.

This person you referred is known as your direct referral. He/she goes out and refers 1 person and gets him/her self a $50 commission which in turn gets you a 15% residual bonus of $7.50.

Now that referral of your direct referral goes out to refer 1 person and gets him/her self a $50 commission which then gets you a 10% residual bonus of $5.00.

You will continue getting these residual bonuses every time your referrals refer new people who complete their offers.

How much money can you make from step #4 – Empower Network

If you decide to sign up for the optional step #4 of Instant Payday Network and become an how much money can you make from empower networkaffiliate of Empower Network, you can expect to earn 100% commissions on all of the products that are offered through Empower Network.

Just on the entry level product of Empower Network, you will earn $25 every month from every referral who joins thru your affiliate link. This is a residual commission paid to you each month. Refer once and get paid over and over. This is the benefit of signing up for step #4 of Instant Payday Network.

There are upgrade products inside of Empower Network that you will earn 100% commissions on as well. You can earn from $25 per month and $100 per month from each referral.

Here is the break down of what you can expect to earn per product from each referral who joins through your step #4 Empower Network affiliate link.

  • $25 (residual)
  • $100 (residual)
  • $500
  • $1,000
  • $3,500

The maximum amount of money you can earn per referral in Empower Network is $5,125.00, not counting pass up sales and residual commissions. With a small modest size team of affiliates who join through your affiliate link, the amount you can make inside Empower Network can get pretty substantial.

What products are offered inside Empower Network – Step #4

I won’t get into very much detail about the Empower Network products in this blog post, but what I will touch on is the fact that these are some of the highest quality Internet Marketing coaching and training programs on the market.

what products are offered inside empower network

If you want to learn internet marketing and be successful at it, these products can take you from newbie status to a 5 figure monthly earner within 12 months or less. That is if you actually study and apply what you learn in the training programs.

Some people will be able to become a 5 figure monthly earner within 1 or 2 months. And with others, it might take up to 12 months or even longer. It all depends on your learning capability. Some people learn faster than others.

An easy way to look at it is to think of these internet marketing training products as the professor and you’re the student. Pretend you are going to internet marketing college. Some people go to college for several years to master a skill. The difference with the Empower Network products is the fact that you will go at your own pace while learning thru video tutorials in the comfort of your home.

What Do You Have to Do to Make Money

Before you can earn commissions through Instant Payday Network you must follow a plan of action.

  1. Sign up for all 4 steps
  2. Setup your IPDN marketing system
  3. Market online
  4. Follow up with leads (automatically built into IPDN)

what do you have to do to make money

By following these basic action steps, you can start generating commissions with Instant Payday Network. The good news is, there are some training guides provided inside of the back office of the IPDN members area that can help get you going with some methods of online marketing.

What Bonuses Do You Get When You Join Me

Those who join me in Instant Payday Network will receive extra training and mentoring. I provide video tutorials on blogging and video marketing, which are 2 of the most powerful forms of marketing online. Mastering these two forms of marketing alone can get you into the 6 Figure Monthly Earner bracket.

Video marketing training

With my video marketing training you will learn how to get high rankings on the 1st page of YouTube. Go ahead and checkout one of my results now. Open up a new browser and go to Type in to the YouTube search box the following keyword.

  • on page seo

You will notice my video by LivingLikeMike shows as the #1 top result for this keyword. And this is just one example. I have many.

Blogging and Google SEO training

instant payday network reviewMy SEO training will teach you how to get placed in the Google search results on the 1st page. You can see one of my search results on Google by going to and type one of the following keywords into the search box.

  • instant payday network
  • instant payday network review
  • instant payday network scam

You will probably notice my blog post on the first page of Google towards the top. Right now it is standing at the #2 position for one of these keywords. This is just one example of several others I’ve been able to rank well for on Google.

So if you want to learn these kinds of internet marketing skills, sign up with me for Instant Payday Network by completing your name and email in the sign up box below. Then, sign up for all 4 steps on the following page, setup your IPDN marketing system, and contact me on Skype. My contact information is at the bottom of the next page after you enter your info below.

I hope you got the information you were looking for in this Instant Payday Network review, but If I missed something, please post your questions and comments below and I’ll be happy to reply to you.

10 thoughts on “Instant Payday Network Review

  1. I am really interested in getting involved in the program, but I am just curious about the advertising and marketing. If I may ask what is the cost of the marketing program. Is there any free information on marketing where you can still earn money with this program?

    • Alex the cost of the Instant Payday Network marketing system is free. The only thing that may cost you a little bit of money is completing the trial offers to obtain your credits on the MyCashFreebies sites. In some cases, even the trial offers can be done for free if you select the right ones.

      As far as advertising, I recommend creating a YouTube channel for home based business, making some of your own videos and uploading to that channel. You can be a authority in how to make money from home. I also recommend creating a WordPress blog. Write content based on home based business and let people know about different ways to make money online and from home.

      You may not know how to make money from home yet. It’s ok, you can start learning and what you learn you can make a video and teach people the steps as you learn them. So kinda like a follow me as I go and you will learn from my mistakes and successes as I make them.

  2. hey Mike how are you doing im here all the way in central Mexico i run in to one of your vids, and a really like this thing your promoting i was wondering if i can do this even if im down here please contac me and let me know thanks Mike

  3. My cash freebie . I completed step 1 2 3 for $20.00 . I am having problem getting people to my site is there any way u can tell me if I need traffic to promate my link thank u do know any other site I can make money working from home

    • Yes you will have to work to get people to optin to your IPDN url. Take time to learn how to make a YouTube video. Or take time to learn how to setup a WordPress blog. Once you learn those skills, just be consistent with creating new content.

    CAN YOU PLEASE CALL ME 310 906 0255

  5. hi Michael,

    What this does mean to us?
    As an International Account member, your status will remain unqualified until you refer someone from one of the above listed countries that goes on to earn 1 full credit on that network site.

    When you have a qualified referral who earns their 1 credit, just send in a support ticket on that site saying that you have, and two things will happen at that time:
    1. Your account is credited in full, which activates your account and qualifies you to start earning money…
    2. your sponsor (the person that referred you) will get paid for your first referred completion.
    In this way, the person who referred you is compensated for their efforts, and you then become “cleared” on the site to start earning money for all qualified referrals you get from that point on. REMEMBER: You MUST submit a support ticket as soon as you have a completed referral in order to have this taken care of for you!

    This blocks us from doing this business, hope you can help..


    • It just means that when you live in a country outside the United States in which requirements are necessary to participate, that you must follow those international rules. If you do not receive that notice, then you live within a country that is not required to follow those international rules. However, because you live in the Philippines, that is one of the countries that must follow the international rules set forth in your message.

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